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  • Quail Egg Peeling Machine
    Quail Egg Peeling Machine

    1.Stable and hygienic peeling process; 2.High peeling rate of 10000pcs/h.

  • Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine
    Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine

    1.Made of stainless steel ,easy to clean and maintain 2.Labor saving and low electricity consumption

  • Almond Shelling Machine
    Almond Shelling Machine

    Integrating the functions of grading, shelling and shell removing, the almond shelling machine offers one-shop solution for shelling the almond in large quantity.

  • Fruit Core Removing Machine
    Fruit Core Removing Machine

    Automatic fruit core removing machine is designed to remove the cores/pits/stones from various fruits such as apricot, peach, olive, greengage, plum and etc.

  • Garlic Peeling Machine
    Garlic Peeling Machine

    Amisy garlic peeling machine/garlic peeler machine is designed to peel the garlic cloves without water.

  • Dish Washing Machine
    Dish Washing Machine

    This type dish washer can wash various dishes from small cutleries, tableware to the heavy solid crockery.

  • Garlic Bulb Separating Machine
    Garlic Bulb Separating Machine

    The garlic bulb separating machine is designed to separate the bulbs into cloves in a efficient and clean way.

  • Sesame Peeling Machine
    Sesame Peeling Machine

    The sesame peeling machine is specially used to peel the shell/hull from the sesame

  • Peanut Butter Machine
    Peanut Butter Machine

    The peanut butter maker is designed to make peanut butter, sesame paste, etc with various tastes. This exclusive nut butter mill is popular with home and small commercial center.

  • Quail Egg Processing Line
    Quail Egg Processing Line

    The quail egg processing line is featured by high automation, high efficiency and large capacity.

  • Peanut Grading Machine
    Peanut Grading Machine

    This peanut grading machine is good helper for peanut processing industry in large capacity.Automatic, efficient and energy-saving.

  • Cashew Grading Machine
    Cashew Grading Machine

    The automatic cashew grading machine is used for grading / sorting the raw cashew nuts and classifying them into 4-5 different sizes.